KeiLin Farm

heiffers and bull


Naturally fresh, naturally delicious


Steak for dinner

Our cattle graze in the pasture during the warmer months and always have a supply of quality hay available as well.

From our flavorful and tender steaks to our low fat ground beef, our high quality freezer beef offers dining options for everyone.
Our beef never contains any artificial ingredients.

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chicken on the grill

Our meat chickens are available from spring until fall. Our chickens are only fed non-GMO feed.

They are housed in an extra-large coop, safe from racoons and other predators.

The average weight on the birds when you receive them is about 5 pounds. Enough to feed the hungriest family!

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frying pork chops

The "other" white meat is available on request. We have them raised off site.

Enjoy tasty pork whether you grill the chops or fry them up in a pan.

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