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Freezer Space

Allow one cubic foot per whole chickens. Pieced chickens take up less room since they can be stacked more easily.


Available Meat Chickens

We start taking orders for our meat chickens in February. We place orders to start arriving in spring and will continue to order through the fall. Call if you would like your meat chickens at a particular time.


About Our Meat Chickens

We raise Cornish X meat chickens from spring through fall. Our chickens are

  • Fed non-GMO feed designed for meat chickens
  • Antibiotic free
  • Housed in large living quarters with fresh water and food available as well as fresh air.

Meat chickens are NOT suitatble for free ranging. By housing them in large areas, they still have room to move but are safe from predators and disease.

What they are fed

Our meat chickens are fed a blend of diets that are designed with the proper vitamins and nutrients to produce a healthy birds.

Fresh water is always availble as chickens can drink up to a pint of water daily. Proper food, plenty of water, and the room to exercise is important for us when raising our birds.

How they are sold

We sell our chicken whole, split, and pieced. Whole chickens are sold in shrink bags. Split chicken are vacuumed sealed with one-half chicken in each bag. Pieced chickens are divided into breasts, wings, thighs, and drumsticks or any variation that your may want.

You will receive a cutting form that we will review with you before your chicken is processed.

Our chickens typically weigh out at 5 pounds each. We require a $5 deposit for each chicken.