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We accept credit/debit cards, as well as cash and checks.


Freezer Space

Before placing you order, be sure that you have enough freezer space. A quarter beef is between 85 and 105 pounds, depending on the hanging weight.

On average, a quarter beef will need a 5 cubic foot freezer.


Available Beef

We still have one beef available for 2023. This one should be ready at the end of December 2023 or January 2024. All dates are approximate based on the live weight of the animal.We should have three more in 2024.


About Our Beef

Our cattle are raised as naturally as possible with

  • NO steriods
  • NO growth hormones
  • NO crowded conditions that could spead illness
Our beef cattle are stress free because we limit the number in our herd based on the size of the pasture available to them.

What they are fed

Our cattle graze in the pasture during the warmer months and always have a supply of quality hay available as well. In addition, they receive a supplemental feed during the finishing process.

Because our farm, fresh beef doesn't contain hormones, dyes, steriods or preservatives commoly found in mass produced beef, it is more robust with all the flavor and tenderness that nature provides.

How they are sold

Our beef is sold by the quarter, half, or whole. If you order a quarter beef, you receive one-fourth of all the cuts - steaks, roasts, and ground steak.

Every cut is vacuum-sealed in its individual package which is marked with the name of the cut, the weight of the cut, and date it was processsed. Vacuum sealed meat has a longer life in your freezer.

We require a $200 deposit on a quarter, $400 on a half, and $800 deposit on a whole beef.