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Farm Day Program

The Michigan Farm to School Program encourages schools to take field trips to local farms. KeiLin Farm in conjunction with Pretty Pony Pastures is happy to provide Farm Day programs that are suitable for Lower Elementary (K-2) and Upper Elementary (3-5) students. Programs for younger and older groups can be provided as well.

All Farm Day programs are based on learning objectives suitable for the age of the participants. Many of the activites are hands-on to provide students with a true farm experience.


Exploring Hens

Students see first hand where hens live and lay their eggs, what they eat, and learn why happy hens are free range hens.

Exploring Cows

Cows, calves, and bulls make up our herd. Students learn how our cattle is raised and the different foods that cattle provide.

Exploring Horses

Horses are no longer used as work animals on farms but they still play an important part at our farm. Students discover what roles these horses have.


Each program session lasts about an hour and a half. They are offered on weekday in the mornings and afternoons. The Cost of each program is $10/student.

Information specific to each area can be viewed by clicking the buttons on the right.